Top 10 Best Microwave Oven In India [UPDATED 2020]

Best Microwave Oven In India

A Microwave Oven, commonly known as the microwave is an electrical appliance that uses microwaves in the electric spectrum to heat the food. In this article, you get to know about the best microwave oven in India to buy for your kitchen.

Some consider it to be a complicated device with so many buttons but trust me ovens are one of the most efficiently operated appliance available and less complicated than your smartphone.


1. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven


1. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven
  • Can be used for Multipurpose Cooking
  • Easy and Safe
  • 32-liter capacity is enough even for a large family.
  • Cannot carry the heavy load.


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LG has put a lot in making this microwave a modern and reliable one. That’s why it tops the list because its capacity is decent and LG has superb after sales-support in entire India.

32-litres of capacity can feed a large family easily. Also, it’s a conventional model, which means it can be used for baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking, and many more purposes.

It comes packed with 211 Indian auto-cook menu options making it much more comfortable to operate.

This oven can make 12 types of Rotis like kulcha, naan and many more available on board.

It comes with the “Pasteurize Milk” option which heats milk at less temperature than its boiling point so that it doesn’t lose its nutrients and milk remains healthy.

With so many ample options and pre-programmed settings, it can also make ghee in just 12 minutes.

Stainless Steel cavity helps in distributing heat evenly throughout the food.

Steam clean allows you to clean microwave in no time.

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2. IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven


IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven
  • Easy to operate.
  • Decent Design for modular kitchens.
  • Very Good Option for Small and Medium-sized families.
  • Baking big cakes might be an issue because of the small size.


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It comes with a capacity of 20 litres which is impressive for a small and medium-sized family.

It has its peak wattage consumption of 1200 Watts.

IFB packed this microwave with ten different power levels. Depending on the model selected, it is going to draw power from the socket.

24 auto cook menus are going to help in cooking food in no time.

It can be used in three different-levels that are microwave, grill, and convection mode.

Advanced Express Cooking is also there for cooking food quickly. It helps in emitting more microwaves so that food gets heated as quickly as possible.

IFB is offering a 1-year warranty on machine and three years on the cavity.

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3. IFB 23BC4 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven


IFB 23BC4 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven
  • It consumes less power than its colleagues.
  • 71 pre-programmed auto cook menus
  • Child Lock Feature.
  • Makes noise while cooking.


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This 23-litre capacity model from IFB is suitable for small and medium-sized families.

Convection type offers grilling, heating, baking, defrosting, and cooking on one touch of buttons.

Digital Real-time display keeps one informed about the time, temperature, and power level it is being operated on.

It comes with a child lock feature which can be very useful if you have small kids at home.

It comes safeguarded with plenty of things like sensor malfunction and overheating protection.

Its ‘Fermentation Feature’ can be extremely helpful in making the dough, butter, paneer, and curds.

The Auto Cook menu is programmed with 70 pre-programmed menus. It contains almost every common food we know of.

It can also be used to sterilize bottles of baby and other utensils in no time.

Express Cooking Feature allows you to cook food quickly keeping food quality is maintained.

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bajaj 17l solo microwave oven
  • Simple and Basic Design.
  • Five different power levels.
  • High-quality performance and perfect for day to day use.
  • No digital controls.


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This 17-liters of microwave is ideal for bachelors and small families.

It comes with a unique 30-minute cooking timer feature. The advanced alarm system will let you know when the microwave has completed its task.

Defrost works fluidly in this microwave. It can be used to defrost food in no time.

Microwave monitors the temperature inside and won’t let overheating happened with your food.

This one doesn’t come with a convection system but can be used in day to day life.

It comes with a 1-year warranty as well as on magnetron.

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  • Modern and Beautiful Design.
  • Digital Display.
  • Auto-Cook menu with 250+ pre-programmed recipes.
  • Expensive.


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LG packed this microwave with fantastic design on front and plenty of features onboard.

A digital display makes it easier to operate, set the timer, temperature.

It comes with a high price and 28-litre capacity which can efficiently serve a large family.

Stainless Steel cavity helps in reflecting microwaves better and hence results in heating food uniformly.

Diet Free feature helps in cooking oily things like samosa and pakodis in less oil than the traditional method.

It is packed pre-programmed 12 Rotis menu like naan, kulcha, etc.

The Auto-Cook menu has a long list of 251 cooking recipes with pre-programmed time and temperature. Out of 251, 175 are Indian Recipies.

LG provides a 1-year warranty on the oven and five years on the magnetron.

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6. Samsung 23 L Convection Microwave Oven


samsung 23l convection microwave oven
  • Value for Money.
  • Amazing Over for day to day use.
  • 6 power levels which can consume maximum of 800 watts.
  • Not suited for baking and grilling.


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This Microwave is solo and not convention which means it is not suitable for grilling and baking but is good enough for day to day use.

The design is very sleek, modern and ample of features are packed in this microwave.

Ceramic Cavity makes heating more effective and has scratch-less properties making it easy to clean.

The food warming feature can keep food warm for a long time without overheating it.

This microwave is packed with 16 pre-programmed recipes like a boneless chicken.

It is rapid in defrosting the food without making it lose its nutrition. Melting butter or chocolate is a task of seconds.

LED display helps in reading power levels, temperature, and timer.

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ifb 30l convection microwave oven
  • Digital Display.
  • Large Capacity.
  • Keep Warm Feature allows keeping food warm.
  • Design is old and not up to the mark at this price point.


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It comes with 30 litres of capacity which can easily serve a large family.

It consumes a maximum of up to 2200 watts which is decent and pocket-friendly.

101 Auto-Cook menu options help you in making recipes quickly in one touch. You don’t have to spend time setting time and temperature. The auto cook will take care of that for you.

It is capable of three-level cooking that is Microwave, Grilling, and Baking and hence it is a multi-purpose oven.

Keep Warm feature allows keeping warm the food inside cavity with minimal power consumption and without overcooking the food.

Deodoriser keeps away bad smells and foul odours from inside.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and three years on the magnetron.

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  • Led Multi-Information Display
  • Good for Small Family.
  • LG provides amazing after-sales services.
  • Old design.


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It comes with a capacity of 20 litres which is of decent size for a small and medium-sized Indian family.

It consumes 700 watts which are pocket-friendly as well as great for using day to day.

I-Wave technology ensures faster and healthier cooking by circulating microwaves evenly inside the cavity.

44 pre-programmed auto cook menu is available. It can be beneficial in various conditions.

The cavity features Anti-Bacterial property which disallows bacterias getting in any way.

LG provides a 1-year warranty on this oven in entire India.

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Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven
  • Simple and Clean Looks.
  • Plenty of Auto-Cook options.
  • Auto Defrost
  • Morphy Richards lack in after-sales service in India.


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It features a clean and simple look at the front with plenty of buttons on board.

The capacity of 25L makes it perfect for small and medium-sized Indian families.

It is packed with 11 different power levels and hence switches between it automatically depending on the temperature and time is required to heat the food in the cavity.

Morphy Richards packs it with 200 Auto-Cook Options making cooking extremely precise and quick.

Auto-defrost features allow defrosting items like butter or chocolate in no time.

Deodorizer keeps foul odours away from cavity ensuring food isn’t affected in any way and retains its nutrients and freshness.

Overheat sensors protect food in the cavity by analyzing the temperature and stopping the microwave at the right time from further heating.

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10.IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven


10.IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven
  • Light and Easy to use.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Simple and Decent looks.
  • Lacks features like the digital display.


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This microwave can be a perfect fit for small families and will be great for daily use.

It has 17-litres of capacity which is decent enough at this price point.

Auto Cook option allows pre-programmed dishes which can be used to cook multiple dishes in no time.

It is equipped with different power levels which are switched by oven automatically depending on the temperature and time set for a particular recipe.

Jog dials are on board to set things manually also. Time and temperature can be fixed instantly using jog wheels.

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Microwave Cooking is a very normal thing in western countries, and people more often use microwave cooking than traditional cooking there, but it’s not the case in India. Here, we use the conventional way of cooking in day to day life.

Microwave Cooking is just another phase of cooking. It is entirely different and much more safe than the regular way. Microwave tends to be more expensive in operation than the proper way of cooking, but it excels in many ways like no overcooking, uniform distribution of heat throughout the food.

Microwaves offer ample of things to be baked and cooked like Italian pizza. The microwaves are absorbed by the food, water, sugar whose vibration causes heating without heating surroundings of food.

Progressive and fast life disallow one to put the required time in cooking and hence, the microwave is the saviour for such situations.

Here is a list of top 10 microwaves in India you can buy and cook food quickly right in your house. Microwave ovens require less oil for cooking and are substantially considered to be healthier than regular cooking.

Microwaves aren’t one of the most common electrical appliances in India like western countries but slowly and gradually people are getting aware and buying as per need. 

Difference between Normal Ovens and Microwave Ovens.

Standard Ovens use the traditional way of heating that is the conduction of heat. Heat passes through metal to the food and gradually starts heating from the centre point. The heat is not uniform, and food isn’t cooked correctly in different parts.

Microwave Ovens use microwaves that get absorbed by food, sugar, and water whose particles vibrate and make it warm from inside. Heating is uniform throughout the food as particles are absorbed in all parts.

Different Types of Microwaves

Solo: Solo microwaves are simple and basic microwave ovens, which are mainly used for cooking purposes. You can reheat and cook simple recipes inside it. One can easily make tea, coffee, Noodles, or Pasta.

Grill: Grill functioning microwaves are used for reheating, cooking and grilling as well. One can quickly grill amazing chicken in these ovens in no time.

Convection: Convection Microwaves are costly than the above two, but it depends on other specifications as well. There are super convection microwaves available on the list as mentioned above. Convection Microwaves feature cooking, grilling as well as baking in them. You can make cakes and pizza at home with 100% right ingredients.

Conventional Microwaves Vs. Conventional Microwaves

Conventional Microwaves ovens work in such a way that the microwaves penetrate through the container food is kept in. These are often solo or grill type.

Solo Microwaves are used for reheating and cooking essential recipes.

Convectional Microwaves use two technologies together to heat the food kept in the cavity with microwaves as well as from the radiation of intense lights coming from a halogen bulb. This makes cooking very quick and saves a lot of time.

Convectional Microwaves come with a lot of features like auto cook menus, defrosting and yes these are a bit more expensive than conventional microwaves.

Counter Top Microwaves

Counter Top microwaves are nothing but portable microwave ovens. These can be carries anywhere to make parties happen, and also they consume less electricity as low as 500 watts. These can be very helpful in reheating food and making popcorns with just one touch.



Above-Range Microwave Ovens

These are alternative to Counter Top Microwaves, but they consume less space. These also are rich in features with efficient magnetron which consumes less electricity.

These have multispeed fans that circulate air using the charcoal filter.

Advanced Above-Range Microwave Ovens use an auto exhaust fan when they become too hot to cool it down.

They look fantastic in modular kitchens.

Microwave Oven Drawers

This type of microwave ovens is installed below counters in the kitchen. They occupy space below tables and are connected by professionals. They have cavity opening in front and work well.

Microwave Oven Size

Microwaves come in a range of different sized like 19,20,23,25 etc. Well, size selection ultimately depends on how many family members you have.

Small Families will require at least a 15-litre microwave oven and above. Medium families need 25 litres, and large families will require at least 28 litres.

Features to Look At:

Auto Cook: Auto Cook feature is present in most of the ovens mentioned above and is also available in some entry-level microwaves. The Auto Cook menu is pre-programmed per recipe. Each recipe has a time and a different temperature to cook on. These things are already present inboard and save a lot of time.

Child Lock Facility: Well, you can opt for a microwave with a child lock facility if you have small kids at home. Kids often tend to mess around when adults aren’t around; hence, child lock features are a must for such homes. This can prevent unnecessary accidents. Though many microwaves have an automatic sensor which turns off halogen bulb and microwaves immediately as soon as the door of microwave is opened still child lock has more advantage over it.

Defrosting: This feature is impressive and useful for non-vegetarians. Defrosting allows your food to defrost in no time without making it loose nutrients.

Timer: Automatic Timer is a necessary feature as it can help in setting a fixed time for a particular recipe. The timer stops microwave automatically after the set time is over. With regular use, you will learn how much time is required for different dishes, or you can use it from the auto cook menu in one touch.

Type of Boards/Panels:

Microwaves usually come with three different panels that are mechanical, tactile buttons and Feather-touch.

Mechanical panels/boards are equipped with jog wheels which can be used to set timer and temperature in one go.

Tactile Buttons are pressable buttons which are used to set temperature, reheat, or select from various recipes present on board.

Feather-touch panels/boards are top-end panels that have feather touch buttons. Different touch buttons perform various actions like setting timer and temperature or selecting a recipe from the auto cook menu.

Power Consumption:

Power Consumption is yet another important factor while buying microwave ovens. These microwaves come in different sizes and of course, lower the size less power it consumes. Microwave Ovens with ample of features and big size will draw more power and isn’t going to be pocket-friendly. While on the other hand, it will be beneficial and time saviour in many situations. Least power consumption can be 500 watts for a portable microwave and can range more than 3000 watts.

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Q1. Which brand of microwave is best?

A1. Well, if we judge in considering all the aspects, then it is going to be Samsung or LG. Both have fantastic microwave ovens loaded with a ton of features and excellent after-sales support.

Q2. Which is the best CounterTop Microwave?

A2. Countertop microwaves are nothing but the regular microwaves ovens that sit top on your kitchen counters. Best Microwave Oven title can be crowned to LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven – MC3286BRUM. It comes with a large 32-litre cavity with ample features, a digital display, and a feather touch panel.

Q3. How do I choose a Microwave?

A3. Well, we have written a descriptive buying guide above which you can read and decide the suitable microwave oven is fulfilling your requirements.

Q4. Which microwave oven is best for home use?

A4. Best Microwave for home use will vary on your family size though you can opt for IFB 23BC4 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven which has decent cavity space and ample features.

Q5. Which microwave is the best convection or grill?

A5. Convection is best among both as you get baking functioning too though conventional microwaves are a bit expensive than grill microwaves.

Q6. Can you use metal in a convection microwave?

A6. Strictly not. Metals don’t allow microwaves to penetrate, and hence, food will not be cooked. You can separately buy utensils compatible with microwave heating.

Q7. What should I look for when buying a microwave?

A7. Essential things you should look for while buying a microwave oven are Size, Features, and Power Consumption.

Q8. What are the different types of microwave ovens?

A8. Mainly they are categorized into three different categories that are Solo, Grill, and Convectional Microwaves.

Q9. What’s an inverter microwave?

A9. Inverter microwaves are microwaves that draw less power than regular microwaves. They don’t heat that quickly but are extremely pocket-friendly and can run on inverter efficiently. Do check the power consumption of your inverter microwave and that of your inverter before buying one.

Q10. Can I bake in a convection microwave?

A10. Yes, you can bake in a convection microwave. Convection microwaves offer ample of features including an auto cook for various recipes like cake.




I’m sure now you can choose the best microwave oven in India for your kitchen. Which is totally suitable and budget-friendly for you. still, if you have any doubts regarding the microwave oven, just ask me in comments and I’ll surely answer your question.